Sunday, December 30, 2007

Isles Have Shot at The Division

After watching the Islanders beat New Jersey last night, looking at the updated standings, I could not believe how close every team in this division is this year. In my opinion the division is still Pittsburghs' to lose. However, The Penguins record against their own division 4-10-1, and the injury bug continues to hit them. The Devils cannot beat the Islanders, and Rangers, and also have a losing record in their division (6-7-3). The Philadelphia Flyers are still in the hunt, but unless Gange comes back soon, the Flyers may not have enough in the tank to take the division. The Rangers are 10-4-0 against their division foes, three of the loses however come at the hands of the Islanders. The Rangers are looking for more scoring help and chemistry with Jagr. I guess money can't buy you offesnse. Which leaves me with the Islanders. The Injury bug has certainly hit them early this year (see Sim, Johnson, Bates etc), but the Islanders have been no worse then a .500 team this year. The Islanders divisional record is 9-5-0, second only to the Rangers, for now. If they can remain healthy, and the young stars improve in the second half, the division is certianly theirs for the taking.

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