Wednesday, January 09, 2008

99 Coming Back to Haunt Me

I need to take some of Islanders fans back in time a bit, and also do a little history lesson for some who may not remember. Atleast 10 years ago, The Islanders had the Utah Grizzlies, coached by Butch Goring, as their minor league affiliate, which would be today, Bridgeport. But Utah was never permanent. In fact, back then nothing was permanent on the Island. I'm going to rattle off a few names that, in my opinion, will sound familiar to a few, but needed extra "seasoning" in the minors before being rushed to the NHL, like so many youngsters were back then in this organization: Mark Lawrence, Vlad Cherbeturkin, Vlad Orsagh, Pavel Varobiev, Brad Isbister, Jason Holland. Even if the likes of Connelly, Pyatt, and Jokinen, and Mezei, were in the minors for a season, the Islanders may not have been set back and who knows, what that 2000 draft would have looked like. Now to the present. We have quite a few youngsters already playing right now Both Campoli and Gervais are 23 and Johnson is 24 for the defense. Campoli and Gervais play a ton of minutes and the team has played the most one goal game differentials besides the Devils. When Johnson comes back from injury, it will be like a trade for late in the seaon to help this team. The young offense now playing: Bergenheim 23, Comeau 21. But in Bridgeport you have Tambellini 23, Walter 23, Okposo 19, Colliton 21 all ready and developing . My point is this. As Islanders fans we should be grateful that this year we can say "we're still in the playoff hunt even though we revamped our team and spent MILLIONS LESS to do it." The kids are not going to win us the Cup this year. Period. Keep the kids down until it is neccesary to bring them up or else the younger fans will endure what some of has had to go through 10 years ago.

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