Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Desirable is Nassau/Brooklyn For Free Agents?

Justin Bourne from The Score just wrote a spot on article by ranking the 30 different venues and the best fit for a free agent. He had ranked the Isles in 22nd, here's his comment:

Kills me to have them so low, but I’m trying to put aside biases. Trying. But Long Island is great, Brooklyn is cool, you’re in a brand new barn (minus points for the horseshoe effect), you’re right close to the city, your location is about as good as it gets for travel, there’s some good young talent on the team… but you just know that the team won’t spend to make you Cup competitive, as close as you may be. Even if Isles fans think their current team is good enough to win a Cup at some point, they just don’t spend enough year-to-year to guarantee consistent success.
As of this writing I would agree with his assessment, but as we have seen this summer, Charles Wang has been spending more and Garth Snow is developing a core with a lot of future potential. For now, I believe if the Islanders can make the playoffs this year, they should be able to do it for the next 5-7 years consistently. A Cup may require a little more spending, but if the Islanders are that close at any point during the seasons where a Cup is possible, wouldn't be surprised if Garth added a player or two. For now the organization is on a "spend as needed" basis because this young team is still on the rise and have not reached it's zenith just yet.

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