Friday, July 05, 2013

Free Agency Begins Today

So today is the day where fans of the NHL act like its a holiday like Christmas, expecting their teams to get a few presents, or free agents to hopefully improve their team. If its a good signing, fans are already getting excited for the season to start, but if the signings go sour for fans, its boycotting time.

For the Islanders, there are two pressing needs: a starting goaltender and a right winger for John Tavares. Easier said than done. This unrestricted free agency pool is not looking very good. I'm sure the Isles have been working the phones, but if Garth cannot get the right deal, we won't over spend money on players.

For the goalie its really how long is Anders Nilsson away from making it to the NHL? If he's a year away, then this UFA goalie may only get a one or two year deal. Same goes for the right winger as Isles fans wait for Ryan Strome to develope. So I wouldn't expect a 3-4 year deal from Snow. That may take out a few players.

Then there are always trading possibilities. A draft pick or a lower level prospect to a team in cap trouble to fill the holes for the Isles could also work. You just never know what can happen.

I'll end with this, free agency begins at noon today, but it doesn't end until the beginning of the hockey season. Unless Snow says he's done for the summer, there will always be time to get what's needed to improve on the team. Fans just need to sit back and put their trust in him and believe he knows what he's doing. Happy hunting.

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