Saturday, October 08, 2011

Let The Season Begin

Coming down from Pa to watch the game, all I have to say is this: None of us under 40 have seen a young, talented team like this. There is a buzz with the Islanders around the NHL and it's fans. I talk to a lot of fans from different teams and they're saying the same thing, "The Islanders are going to make noise this year." Well, if this teams stays healthy, the noise is going to be loud on Long Island. It starts tonight against Florida. The Islanders must set the tempo first and get the crowd into the game. If the Islanders play smart hockey, this should be over by the second period.

Al Montoya will start in net for the Isles and I must say, looked very good in preseason. With a good defense in front of him, we could see an all-star performance from him. As far as the forwards are concerned, I don't really cares as long as they all contribute as a team. The Isles can run four lines that can score, so they all don't have to do it at once, but that would be cool to see.

As for the fans, this better be sold out with everyone filling up the seats, they should be loud and sending a message to the NHL that the Islanders are back and are not going anywhere. No more playing for the lottery, but for the playoffs, a team to be dealt with for years to come. Hope to see some of you there, I'll be in section 321, so leave a message or comment or just stop by, I'll be wearing my Bossy jersey (Isles are 4-0 when wearing the jersey)!!!

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