Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goalie Rumor Mill

Per Katie Strang:

Nabokov was played on Saturday against the Rangers to showcase for a possible trade. According to Strang
Scouts from Vancouver, Carolina, San Jose, Phoenix and Columbus are listed on the Islanders seating chart for Saturday's game. 
I don't think Nabokov will be traded this early due to DiPietro's health. If during the season Sound Tigers goalie Poulin tears it up this year, then fans could see a possible trade. But why mess with the good chemistry of the team now. It should be noted that some of the teams mentioned will be playing the Islanders fairly soon and right now, it looks like those teams don't need a goaltender.
Per Joseph Deluca:

The New York Islanders have been dealing with inconsistent play by their goaltenders for many years now.
If they go yet another half season with an unstable crease, they may look to acquire someone from outside the organization.
He does realize that it is early in the season, however I must say, if the goaltenders do stay healthy, there won't be a need to trade any of the during this season, maybe Nabokov later in the season.

Here is the one thing to take out of the goalie trade rumors. It's shouldn't happen any time soon. If Nabokov does get traded, he will be dealt to the Western Conference because if the Isles are in the playoff hunt, they won't risk the chance in playing against him then. What the Islanders should do is play him enough to garner more interest  and build up his stock. Would love to see a player with potential come out of this and not a draft pick. More to come with the Islanders as I review the last week of Islanders games.

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Taylor said...

I have to say that if it comes down to a Western Conference team and an Eastern Conference team and the Eastern Conference team makes a better offer we shouldn't worry that we may have to face him later we should take the better offer.

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