Monday, November 02, 2009

Islanders Need To Ride The Wave

If you asked me at the start of the season: a) If the Islanders would be .500 by the end of October; b) That Matt Mouslon and Jeff Tambellini  would be leading the team in goals; c) The Islanders would only have FOUR regulation losses by this time; I would be saying "NO!" to every question. Not only would I say "No" but I would be wondering what you were smoking and wonder why you're not sharing those happy thoughts. However, here they are sitting with a 4-4-5 record and a chance to really make other teams lives miserable.

Before Trent Hunters return to action, the Islanders have won three straight against some formidable opponents: Rangers, Capitals, and Buffalo. Each team has had some bumps and bruises, but the Islanders took advantage and ran with it. This seems to be a trend entering November. Their upcoming schedule is this: Edmonton, Buffalo, New Jersey, and Atlanta.   All four teams are either recovering from injury or illness and the Islanders once again must take advantage of others shortcomings and continue to ride the wave of renewed confidence and winning.

By no means am I saying the Islanders could make a run at the playoffs. It's just too early right now. But If they continue winning, they will force the other teams recovering to win sooner rather than later, and the goal is to get those teams feeling desperate quicker. From here on out, the Islanders will not be taken lightly. The Islanders will be a team to be dealt with, and if they continue their development, will be very difficult to beat down the stretch. Adding to that, if this team remains healthy adding Hunter to the mix and DiPietro will strengthen a team that doesnt like losing in regulation to begin with.

So ride the wave with your team fans, because it may keep going a little longer than any of us ever thought.

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