Friday, November 13, 2009

DiPietro Speaks Out

A great article by Dan Martin of the NY Post. Just a few quotes from DP.

"I have to keep telling myself that I have a lot of years left and not to push too much and put myself in jeopardy," said DiPietro, who is in the fourth year of his 15-year deal and is still recovering from knee surgery after being limited to five games last season. "The one thing that frustrates me is when people say I can't stay healthy. It's not like anyone goes out there and tries to get hurt. It would be one thing -- and I would accept the criticism -- if I came into camp out of shape, fat and lazy, but I consider myself a pretty hard worker and I come into camp in great shape."
"I think everyone realized coming in that at some point, there'd be a logjam of goalies," DiPietro said. "Right now, I'm the odd guy out and hurt. But there's nothing etched in stone. I've still got to work my way back and do everything I can to get back in the lineup. I don't want to be handed anything and told, 'This is your job again.' I want to earn it."


Taylor said...

Maybe he should dump that 'so be it' attitude towards reckless play. Its better to let in a few more goals and avoid injury. Ken Griffey Jr. may not regret crashing into so many walls but all the teams he played for and their fans regret it.

Netminder 39 said...

I think the Islanders will restrict what he can do for this year so that he can be 100% healthy for next season. At least he's learned some humility now, and not later.

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