Friday, September 25, 2009

The Waiver Wire Approaches

I can't help but think that the Islanders will make a move on this years waivers before the season begins. The Islanders will have the first choice whether to claim a player or not, and the Islanders could improve the overall depth of the organization if they dipped in to the waiver pool. Last year, the Islanders picked up Nate Thompsom and Thomas Pock. Even though both players were injured throughout the year, it kept from bringing up minor leaguers who didn't deserve to be up.

So who should the Islanders look into? I think the forward positions is locked with the emergence of Matt Moulson, along with Trevor Smith, and Greg Moore. There is enough depth at the forward position this year that may not warrant an NHL player, but look for the Islanders to claim a forward who could contribute in Bridgeport.

The defensive side of the team could use another player will more skill and size. You won't find a top 4 d-man available (depending on the contract), but the Islanders could find someone with more skill than say Meyer, Hillen, or possibly Martinek, especially if the injury bug hits the defense again. With Sutton an UFA by the summer, it would be wise to at least look into another big, tough, defenceman to help the smallish forwards, and to relieve stress off of Witt and Sutton. Again, like Pock from last year, a proven AHL player who can be a decent call-up for the Islanders would also be beneficial in this uncertain season.

Now the Islanders have the first choice for the waiver pool during the entire season, so they don't have to pick over the weekend, however, if Garth learned anything about last season, you can never have enough players on this team.

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Islander505 said...

I can't argue with your logic, I'll only say it ain't gonna happen.
Snow's hands are tied until the LH is resolved.

Just my opinion.

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