Friday, September 18, 2009

This Sums Up the Okposo Hit

For those who are still intersted in the Okposo hit, I would recommend reading the follwing article from the Hockey News Ken Cambell. I think it sums up what everyone else has been trying to say all day, and all of last night.

"Phaneuf and the Flames said all the right things about how you never want to see a guy carried off the ice on a stretcher, but you know, that’s hockey and you can’t pass up a hit like that one. And they’re right, too, because according to the rules and culture of the game, it was a perfectly legal hit."

"But it shouldn’t be. It was a clear case of malicious intent, or at least extreme recklessness, on Phaneuf’s part. Anyone who saw that hit could tell Okposo wasn’t trying to create the circumstances under which a head shot penalty would be called. And for the league to continue to allow hits such as those to go unpenalized is just plain dumb."

UPDATE 2:30 pm From Katie Strang of Newsday: 
"Pascal Morency, who jumped the bench during Wednesday night's game, has been suspended indefinitely pending a formal review of the incident.During the second period of  the Isles' 5-4 shootout loss to Calgary, Morency hopped the bench and went after Flames defenseman Phaneuf, who leveled Kyle Okposo with a nasty open-ice hit that gave Okposo a mild concussion and led to him being carted off the ice on a stretcher."

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