Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weight Is Out, So Is Tamby?

Various reports have confirmed that Doug Weight is out of the lineup for roughly 4-6 weeks.

Well there goes a second round pick. Personally, I hope the Islanders resign weight to an extension. The Islanders prospects are pretty much a year away, so dealing weight may not be such a good idea at this point.

Jeff Tambellini was a healthy scratch against the Islanders loss, 5-1 to Philadelphia and was replaced by Mitch Fritze.

WHAT!!!!! I think Jeff now has a role on this team, and that is of reserve forward. He's good enough to be AHL material, so demoting him maybe a good idea. However, he could be plucked up by another team looking to rebuild. Tambellini's future will be determined by who, if any, veterans get traded by the deadline. I would like to point out that Sim is in higher rankings that Tambs. So it will take at least one players to be traded before Tamb gets any kind of action, and Fritze will have to be sent down.

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