Monday, February 16, 2009

How Have the Kids Been Doing?

I've been watching some games and then going back to Islanders TV for some extra looks, and to be honest, the Islanders youth movement needs to get it together. Only Kyle Okposo has scored in the last five games for the youngsters. I can't remember the last time anyone else other than Kyle have scored.

Blake Comeau has completed 82 games in the NHL and finished with 12 goals. That's fourth line work there ladies and gents......He has the potential to be a top six winger, but he MUST start shooting the puck more, and he has to play consistent hockey. Starting next year, I don't know if he'll be 2nd or 3rd line, but I have to believe that 15-20 goals from him should be expected.

Bailey is on a big learning curve, so I'll have to really take a longer look at him towards the end of the season.

Bergenheim is in a confidence funk, it;s written all over his face. He's frustrated, and he wants so bad to start producing the offense. If only that's what his coach wanted him to do. Buy into the system Sean.

More to come later........................................

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