Monday, November 17, 2008

Vancouver Tonight

The Islanders take on a tough Canucks team tonight at the Coliseum. And yes some of us get to remember our goalie that should have been when Luongo, the Canucks Captain, will be in goal tonight. But in all honesty, that's too far in the past, and time to move on to the present.

The present is not Dipietro, but MacDonald, who has been improving every game he plays. He has his goals-against-average down to 2.82 and his save percenatge is up to .911. After tonight, Macdonald may lead the league in total saves, and with his confidence growing, so does the rest of the players.

With a healthy defense almost ready to return, there has been more of a microscope on the offense. From what i've been reading, many believe the Islanders offense is not that good. Then they're not doing the math correctly. The Islanders offense, for now is hot, and should give Vancouver, and Luongo a good run for their money.

I'm still pulling for Tambs, but I think expectations of him are far too great, and should be lowered considerably, like the Stock Market. Tambs only averaged around 5 minutes a game during his first 82 games that he has played. A far cry for sure, but you cannot expect a guy to come in here after playing most of his career in the AHL and start lighting it up in this league. Tambellini may get you 10 goal this year, and that's it.

If there is a winger everyone should be looking closer at it's Bergenheim, and I believe that this year will be a breakout year for him. He's on pace for 17 goals, and is getting top 6 forward minutes now in Gordon's system. leave Tamby alone, and let him develop with Gordon, and start paying more attention to Bergenheim.

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