Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keeping Bailey On Long Island A Good Move

Josh Bailey, before Tuesdays loss to the Flyers, had not played a game since the leaves started to turn color. However because Mike Comrie is injured with inflammation to his surgically repaired hip, and Mike Sillinger is still out, Bailey was given the opportunity to play in his first NHL game.

Why not? He was on the fourth line, saw some minutes, and contributed as best as he could. This is nothing more than a scouting event this year, and by this bloggers take, they're better than their 4-9-2 record would indicate. So like the rest of the youth movement, stick him in for the next 8 games. Maybe he can show the Islanders brass that he belongs this year and not next.

My honest opinion though is this. His junior career will be over in March (give or take a week). The trade deadline will be over, and there may be a vacancy open at the center postion by then. For now it's a little full with Comrie possibly coming back, and eventually Sillinger.

But for the next 8 games, I hope Bailey makes it really difficult on his coach, and general manager.

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