Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time For Support

Let's not forget we do have a lot of season ending injuries to this team. We've lost a full line (Bates, Sillinger, Sim) on offense, and Campoli on defense, which is really hurting us,
We are getting Witt back, and that will help out defensively. Me personally, I would really like to see Berard shine on the powerplay, and mentor Johnson, and even Meyer a little. We need more bodies out in front of the net for the PP to be succesful.

I also like the idea of Simon going and Tambs coming in just for the sake of having two lines that are scoring threats. Ironically, those two lines (the Bridgeport line and the Fed-Hunter-Vasicek) have been the most consistent recently.

The next month and a half are HUGE not only for the kids, but for this organization. The fans got what they wanted in that the kids are now here with the big club, and this team will go as far as the kids can help them. If we are still in the hunt by the end of March, Islander fans should be optimistic about the posssibility of a playoff berth, despite a long list of injuries, and that we have a ton of picks for the first three rounds in this years upcoming draft.
Let's be grateful for what we have, and support this team. The upper management heard our call in the young kids, now they're here. Start cheering and watch or go to the games.

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