Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This Is Why You Can't Trade Yet....

I've been doing alot of reading on different blogs, and everyone is calling for a sale of the veterans and bringing up the kids now to help the season. Well, that's a nice solution, however, this is the problem:

First: We can only have a certain amount of players on this team. Hence, that is why the youngsters are not up yet until someone like Sillinger is injured or others cannot play. To my knowledge, only Gervais would be allowed to go to the minors without going through the waiver wire. As this season has unfolded, we have needed all of the defenceman used throughout this year, and cannot bring up the forwards.

Now if we were to bring up a youngster, then that would mean that we could lose that veteran to the waiver wire by another team, and since most of the FA's have one year deals, these players would be plucked off the wire as a low risk, high reward, and that would defeat the purpose of trading for draft picks, or prospects in the next three or so weeks.
My point is this: let's get the most out of our vets now if we are going to trade them. If they play well, the better, the trade.

For the people who want to be in a sell mode: You'll need two things for a little while. First is patience. Most teams won't be trading until that week of the trade deadline. Second you need other teams to be involved in trades, and right now, because of cap reasons or players with no trade clauses, it may be hard RIGHT NOW, to take a few of the Islanders players.

Instead of ranting to be in sell mode now, save that for another two weeks when it's the right time to "sell," and actually have some fun and come up with scinarios for the players we do want to trade.

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