Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will Markov Sign?

I usually try to avoid rumors, but this one is interesting considering this was one player I was hoping the Islanders would sign this offseason. There have been heavy rumors that the Islanders are close to signing him. By signing Markov to a contract, I think that would take care of the defense at least for the first half of the season. The Islanders need to let Campoli, and Gervais, and even Meyer play more games to really see the potential out of these players, and I'm one of those fans who does not like to see any more prospects traded so they can prosper somewhere else. The Islanders still have enough cap space to sign Markov, and then concentrate on the offense. Could The Islanders be looking at a restricted free agent going into arbitration? Possibly. The Islanders can resign Hunter, and can still make a pitch to any free agent that a certain team can no longer afford. If the Islanders cannot pry a restricted free agent from another team look for someone like Josef Vasicek to be signed. Third line forward, possibly second, Nolan-type player with offensive upside.

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Ajay said...

What ever happend to Mcauley, he's been bought out and I never heard that he is going to retire due to concussions. Also Scatchard was bought out by phx, for 800k he might anchor a third line, definetly a Nolan type guy. What ya'll think!

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