Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chris Simon Signs

The Islanders signed Chris Simon to a one year $475,000 contract yesterday. He will recieve bonuses if he plays a certain amount of games for the season. I've been reading a lot of comments from other fans, and they are mixed indeed. Most say it was a good move to resign. I agree with them. I think Simons role will be limited however this year. If the Islander fans remember, he was put on the first line with Yashin and Blake. That did not pan out as well as hoped, which is why Asham also saw time on the first line. This year a first line has been established with the recent aquisitions, so Simon will be in a checking role, and defending his teammates. Some fans have asked me, what about Tambellini? Tambellini, will probably make the team this year. Where do the Islanders put him? Look for the third line with Hilbert and Hunter for now assuming that the Islanders dont sign anyone on offense. Simon will get playing time, but it will be limited, and depending on injuries will probably play against the "enforcer" teams.

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