Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cam Ward To The Isles?

Photo courtesy of www.nhlsniper.com
From the Edmonton Journal:

- If I was a betting man, I’d say Cam Ward will be the starting goalie for the New York Islanders next year, with the Carolina Hurricanes going with Anton Khudobin. The Isles could certainly move forward Josh Bailey and a young defenceman.- Jim Matheson
My take: I cannot find the tweet from Art Staple (@StapeNewsday) but the Isles may take a run at players like Ward/Reimer/Holtby. I'm nervous about Cam Ward coming, strictly because of his injury history. He would certainly help the Islanders get into the playoffs if he were healthy. Perhaps splitting up more time with Nabokov as the potential backup will help with that. He has two years left on a 6.3 millon/yr. contract so the old "Cap Floor" discussions would be over. Carolina is looking to shed payroll and Ward has been in the rumor mill now for a few weeks. Not sure if I want to give up Bailey for Ward when both teams are in the same division. Cam Ward does have a no trade clause, but with him losing his starting job, would he even consider coming to the Islanders? Someone call Doug Weight to recruit him. Still, out of the three goalies mentioned, Ward is one up. Thoughts?


Danny said...

Not agree Islanders will trade Ward for Hurricanes Bailey. Ward will play stink with Islanders will much lost. I think better Islanders free agent Hiller, or Halak, or Elliot or trade Holtby. Not trade Reimer is stink. Islanders will likely trade Anderson and 2 round 2015 for Senators Bailey and 3 round 2014.

Paul Kreischer said...

I'll go on record now, I like Halak. He needs to control his rebounding more. I wouldn't mind Elliot as well. Good choices.

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