Friday, November 01, 2013

Will MacDonald Get Traded This Year?

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I'm sure by now many Islanders fans read Elliot Friedmans 30 thoughts and what he said about the Islanders. What intrigues me however was his number 5 thought:

 5. By the way, a few teams are watching one of Snow's guys very closely: defenceman Andrew MacDonald. He's unrestricted after the season, and a greatly improved player.
My take: He's a tradable asset. He hasn't received a contract yet, neither did Matt Moulson. Could he fetch a first rounder? Not likely, but with prospects like Reinhart, Pulock, Mayfield progressing, he certainly wouldn't get a long term deal from the Islanders. Therefore I wouldn't be surprised if there was another "shake-up" for the Islanders, this time for the defense. Time and the standings will tell.

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