Sunday, February 19, 2012

Isles Big Week

     So since my last post, the Islanders have gone 3-3. The good side to that is having the Islanders six points out of  a playoff spot with plenty of time left in this season. In my opinion, the Islanders should have been buyers three weeks ago. Instead, they have made call-up after call-up hoping for a spark or just filling in for an injured player. The Islanders are down to one week to determine if they'll be buyers or sellers, but it will probably take a 3-0 or an 2-0-1 record to really make a case for Garth Snow to add payroll.
     What position should the Isles improve on? Who will be given up to get that player? Well that really depends on the this week, the next two days to be exact. With games against Ottawa and Buffalo coming up, the Islanders need to win both to make Snows decision an easier one. Give up a draft pick or two and get whoever is needed to make that push for the playoffs. Keep Parenteau, Nabokov and the rest of the vets and really put it together in March, then deal with contracts later. I don't care if the Islanders play the Rangers in the first round, actually, I would welcome that. There is nothing like a little television exposure and playing in New York City for a couple of days would be perfect to get some bigger, nationwide exposure for these young Islanders.
     The harder questions will arise if the Islanders lose the next two games. Yes, they could be sellers, but who really goes? Parenteau is now the number one favorite forward amongst other GM's  in the League, what kind of a price tag could he fetch? Nabokov certainly would be of interest to other teams, even Mark Eaton could be had for a decent 5th rounder (sarcasm).  With payroll being as low as it is, I would imagine that Snow would want a player in return, at least for Parenteau, maybe Nabokov. All these rumors, questions and conspiracy theories will be answered soon enough, especially if the Islanders could take the next two games. For now, they're in the playoff hunt. It's been a while since most Isles fans could be able to say that. It starts against Ottawa tomorrow.

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