Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rumors 1.29.2012

From a few Canadian outlets an some minor credible sites:

As of now the following players are available to be traded before the deadline:

Parenteau, Nielsen, Staios, Eaton and Nabakov.

Out of these players, Parenteau has been showing up the most as a possible trade bait. We all know that Neilsen's agent is already in talks with Garth Snow on a contract extension, but until it's finalized, he'll be in the rumors. Nabokov has been in the rumor mill all season, so I believe he'll be traded when I see it (probably around the end of February); Eaton and Staios will prob fetch a lower round pick(s) for the Islanders.

The Islanders are, for now, still in a playoff race. So I wouldn't expect a trade just yet. I am however surprised that Parenteau has not resigned to an extension the way he was last year. He should have been resigned, like yesterday, to a decent contract along with Neilsen. Thoughts?

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