Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Snow Loves Schneider

After reading a live chat with Newsdays Greg Logan, it appears that Snow would love to get his hands on Schneider. Logan has suggested that Gervais, or Meyer would be the possible trade baits. In my poinion, because of their low salaries, they would make the most sense for Burke so then he can sign Selanne to a deal.

Now I've stated before, I don't like bringing in someone older. However I do see this scenario happening. My reason is simple. Jack Hillen, a free agent signing last year, maybe ready for the NHL sooner rather than later. Trade Meyer or Gervais, for Schneider. Defense is improved for the next 60 or so games. If the Islanders are no longer in contention, then trade Schneider at the deadline for another pick, and bring up Hillen to finish off the season and gain more experience then he did with his two-game stint last year against the Rangers.

This trade will only go down if the Islanders feel that Hillen is ready by the end of the year, and they are willing to part with either Gervais or Meyer.

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