Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plans Are Going Well After Rally

Some people still are thinking that the team will be sold or moved or both. Here's my response.

Don't move the team.....Build it!!!!

See if the new plans for the parking lot do in fact become a reality, then we as Islanders Fans will be witnessing two things in the same time period:

a) a renovated state-of-the-art arena, and facility

b) a renovated team contending for a cup.

Snow is making the right moves by drafting and signing younger players, and this draft will have an HUGE effect on this franchise because of the amount of talent level.

If the Plans are approved that will also attract the free agents to want to play here.

Islanders fans need to give this promising dream become reality before jumping ship.

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Islander505 said...

What's your e-mail address. Nick and I have an invite to send you.

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