Monday, October 22, 2007

Satan Scores First Goal; More To Come

Satan will start scoring more soon enough. Remember fans, he was paired up with Tamby for the beginning of the off-season and the first few games before he got sent down. Satan's now used to Bergenheim, and all they need is someone to start scoring on that line. If the New Jersey game was any sign or indication that the line is gelling and now scoring, this is really going to solidify the team. Imagine if Satan and Vasicek continue what they are doing and Bergenheim can also add in a few? Less pressure on the first line, the line of Sillinger, Geurin, and Hilbert will be able to just take out the opponents first line, and the richard park line can wear everyone else down. Don't trade anybody!!!!!! Let this team grow and develope as the year goes by. Think about it, when was the last time this team this stocked with veterans and rookies? Probably 2002. Tamby may help us in the playoffs, like Trent hunter did in 2002. Don't trade away any talent yet, just watch and have fun.

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