Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Berard To Practice With Islanders

Well now, this should be an interesting camp. I think, when healthy, Berard is still a top 4 forward, and could replace Poti's numbers from last year. However, he's been having Martinek like numbers when it comes to playing full seasons. Is Berard good enough to make the team?Yes, he is. That would leave Freddy Meyer the lone defenseman out of the loop here. But the nice idea about having Berard on the team, assuming he makes it, is that like the forwards, Nolan will play anyone on defense who is playing the way they should, and if Berard needs a break, can be replaced by Campoli and Gevais and then Berard can be used over a longer stretch in less minutes per game. Having someone like Berard on the team would certainly help their powerplay, along with Bergeron, and his booming shot. Now we'll have to see and wait what happens during camp. Stay tuned.

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