Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sean Bergenheim

Sean Bergenheim quit playing in the Russain League because he wants to play in the NHL. However, since Charles Wangs if you're not signed by training camp, you're not playing this season rule is still in effect, even an apology from Bergenheim himself should not get him back this year. Over the summer, Bergenheim was offered two contracts, a two-way contract worth $750,000, which was rejected. The other contract was a one-way $500,000 that would have GAURUNTEED him an NHL roster spot on the Islanders, but that was rejected because after only scoring 9 points last year, wanted more money. So now he wants to come back, but his agent went one step further requesting a trade if Bergenheim is not to be resigned this year. My take on this: Get a new agent Sean!!!! Prove next year that you're worth more then the $500,000 and then you have some leverage. Now I'm sure there are many Islanders fans around who would love to see Bergenheim play this year including myself. The Islanders have until December to resign him, we'll just have to see how the season goes for the Islanders. If they're winning, then don't expect to see him retuen this year. If the Islanders start to fade early, then maybe Charles should bend his own rules a bit.

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